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Sengenics is a functional proteomics company that leverages its patented KREX™ technology for production of full-length, correctly folded and functional proteins.

KREX™ was invented and patented by Professor Jonathan Blackburn while he was a member of the faculty at the University of Cambridge. Jonathan is the CSO of Sengenics.

The Task

Key recruitment drive at a vital stage of growth – Sengenics had just received significant series A funding and were looking to scale their European team quickly. They needed someone within the commercial realm to increase sales (revenue) in the UK & Europe, as well as a senior applications specialist to support that salesperson. An unsuccessful hire would have been catastrophic at this stage for Sengenics, because had we got it wrong, it would have cost the company vital time and money at a time where Sengenics were scaling rapidly. This in turn would have upset investors, and could have impacted further funding.

The Process

Following an initial strategy call, we put together a futureproof people strategy to support Sengenics’ business plan and help drive its European arm forward.

Our people strategy aims to maximise the significant opportunity to create capacity, grow capability and enhance culture within Sengenics.

We have developed three strategic pillars and one key enabling pillar, each with clearly defined outcomes and underpinned by 13 key priority areas. These areas will shape Sengenics’ future activity. While nine of the priorities relate specifically to future ‘areas of focus’, the other four are key priority enablers required to provide the foundation to deliver these.

We took on the task of sourcing two commercially astute hires – both with a proteomics background, coupled with European experience – within a two-month time frame (offers extended and accepted). One of the individuals needed to be of PhD and post-doctoral experience as they would be acting as the technical face of Sengenics.

The Result

We knew if ScaleX was going to find this calibre of talent for Sengenics, then we needed to expand our sourcing strategies to attract the right talent. Candidates were taken through a two stage interview process, which included a presentation at the final stage so we could determine the best candidates for these executive roles. We then provided further advice to Sengenics on potential offers for the candidates to ensure the best rate of acceptance. We guided both Sengenics and the successful candidates through the final stages of onboarding.

The Feedback

“Lee understood very quickly what we were looking for at Sengenics. Impressively, we found outstanding candidates for each of my roles, a Commercial Director and a Field Application Scientist, in under two months. This allowed me to focus my attention on driving our business forward, and given me excellent confidence in our recruitment partnership with ScaleX.”

Andrew Jackson, Head of (Europe) Business Unit, Sengenics.

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